Everything You Need to Know About Creating an E2 Visa Business Plan


An E2 visa business plan is typically required as part of your application for this type of visa. For the best chance of successfully obtaining your visa, there are certain things you should be sure to include in the business plan.

Interested in an Immigration Business Plan?

If you’re planning to relocate to the United States to operate or start a new business, you’re most likely looking at the E-2 treaty investor visa. The E-2 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to people from treaty nations who have invested or are actively planning to invest a substantial amount of money in a United States business.

The term “substantial amount” is quite unclear and might imply any quantity because no exact minimum has been defined. However, at E-2VisaWorld, we recommend a financial investment of at least $80,000. The E-2 treaty investor visa is generally valid for 3 months to 5 years and can be extended for an indefinite amount of time if the holder desires.

We Specialize in E2 Visa Business Plans

In addition to fulfilling the many eligibility requirements, obtaining an E2 visa requires thoroughly laying out all relevant details about you and your business to the U.S. immigration officials in a simple, easy-to-follow business plan.

To demonstrate that all the E2 visa requirements have been fulfilled, your business plan needs to clearly highlight your qualifications and supply strong financial forecasts. While this might sound complicated, having an expert’s assistance can make all the difference in turning your visa application process into a visa.

At E-2VisaWorld, we have helped individuals from around the world craft comprehensive immigration business plans and applications that highlight their strengths. Here, our experts guide you through everything you need to know about E2 Visa business plans to help you get started.

Why You Need an E2 Visa Business Plan

It’s probably no surprise that your company requires a business plan. As an E2 visa candidate, however, your business plan covers a range of unique needs.

Because the purpose of this plan is to encourage USCIS to approve your business enterprise and to ensure that it meets the requirements for job creation, it isn’t being written for business partners or investors, but instead for the immigration authorities who will review your visa application.

When creating E2 visa business plans, you’ll need to include much of the same content as standard business plans. But you will want to further elaborate on your investment, source of capital, and ability to establish and direct the business. An immigration business plan also requires more background details on you as the candidate in addition to the executive summary and business details that standard business plans set out.


How Should E2 Visa Business Plans Be Written?

Additionally, due to the fact that E2 visa business plans are written explicitly for USCIS, its language and tone should follow both immigration laws and legal business guidelines. The immigration authorities who review your application might not have the same business background as typical readers of business plans, so it’s important to ensure that it is written in clear and straightforward English without any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Because a business plan for immigration has unique needs and is essential to a successful application, having specialized legal assistance is vital to beginning your journey of entrepreneurship in the United States. At E-2VisaWorld, we put the candidate’s interests first and work tirelessly to help them build an application and business plan that will present them as a successful and capable business professional.

What to Include in an E2 Business Plan

To be successful, E-2 business plans should show that candidates have the requisite abilities, skills, background, experience, and resources to effectively begin and grow businesses that offer bona fide products or services and will leverage American employees.

Your E-2 visa business plan will likely be at least 15 pages in length and consist of helpful charts, tables, graphs, and images that will assist in offering the immigration official who reviews your application a thorough understanding of business.


Elements of an E-2 Business Plan

At a minimum, E2 visa business plans should consist of the following:

  • An executive summary and business description introducing the company, its products and/or services, and a general overview of why you and your business venture qualify for the E2 visa
  • A description of your intended purpose of developing and directing the enterprise, including details that prove that you are entering the United States for the sole purpose of running the business, that you own at least 50% of the business, and that you are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business
  • A target market analysis with information on its conditions, competitors, and an explanation of why your business will succeed in this market
  • A comprehensive marketing strategy describing how the business will gain acknowledgment in its target market and how it intends to engage with this market
  • A detailed hiring plan for the next 5 years of the company’s operations, including a description of each position they intend to hire and how many employees they intend to hire, that proves that the business will create new jobs for local residents
  • A discussion on finances with a 3-5 year financial projection, including a balance sheet, a cash flow statement, and a profit and loss statement, as well as an explanation for the figures and assumptions in these statements
  • A section proving that you have possession and control of your investment funds, accompanied by evidence of the source of funds with a clear paper trail and proof that the investment is “substantial” under E-2 investor visa guidelines
  • An operational strategy section explaining the company’s organization and management, as well as a description of your skills and experience as the E2 visa applicant and how they relate to the business to ensure its viability

In order to fully, accurately, and effectively capture the above elements, consulting a professional with specialized knowledge is essential. Whether you’re obtaining an E-2 visa by purchasing a franchise or starting an entirely new business from the ground up, we can help. At E-2VisaWorld, our team of experts consists of professionals with backgrounds in both business and immigration and substantial experience managing complex matters from a diverse client base and dozens of industries. Get started by filling out our E-2 eligibility survey today.

How Can Samples of E2 Visa Business Plans Help?

While the above requirements for E2 business plans offer a great starting point when beginning your E2 visa journey, seeing them in action is even better. One of the simplest ways to do this is to take a look at samples of E2 visa business plans, which will help you determine whether the E-2 route is right for you and give you a good idea of the format your business plan will need to follow.


Where to Find an E2 Business Plan Sample

Numerous E2 visa business plans can be found online. These can be great resources for understanding what to expect when creating your business plan. However, it’s best not to rely on them in an attempt to do it yourself.

Your business plan will need to be completely customized based on your business’ specific circumstances. This requires the guidance of a professional who knows exactly what USCIS wants to see. As such, we recommend using business plan samples as a reference point and seeking the services of our attorneys for specialized assistance.

Our Experts Can Help With Your Business Plan for E2 Visa

In our experience, the preparation of a strong, comprehensive business plan that shows how your enterprise satisfies the requirements of the E-2 visa program is vital. Because of that, our business immigration attorneys use their extensive skills, resources, and experience to prepare immigration business plans that satisfy the approval of the toughest immigration and consular officers. Contact the experts at E-2VisaWorld today to schedule a free consultation and begin bringing your international entrepreneurship dreams to life.